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The most frequent question concerning our simulation program is, "Why are SimCheck simulators not full motion?" First of all, the learning curve and retention level in a simulator is about 93%, compared to 17% retention level in an airplane. This is the reason that the airlines and corporate operators rely on simulators so much. Secondly, our simulators are six-window, day/night, flight tested, Flight Training Devices (FTD) and Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD). SimCheck does not believe that raising the cost of our program to cover the additional cost for motion is worth getting simulator credit for just four maneuvers: stalls, steep turns, ground handling, and take-offs and landings. It is less expensive to do these maneuvers in our King Air A/B-90s. We pass these savings on to the pilots and students.

At SimCheck Advanced Simulation and Flight Training Complex, we give our candidates 140 hours of Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) in simulators to adequately prepare them for the simulator training at any airline or corporate operation. There is nothing that an airline or corporate operator can put our candidates through in 20 hours of simulator training that they have not experienced at SimCheck.

At SimCheck we want our customers to get the best training at the best price to secure their future.

Beech King Air Training Simulator

Flight Simulator: The Simulator is a Beechcraft King Air 200 to be used for training that will fit a number of customer’s configurations of their King Airs and capable of doing everything on the checklist included all system checks.

King Air will be configured as follows:
Full fiberglass cockpit with fiberglass instructor console.
Instrument panel left side Avidyne.
Engine instruments digital that can be changed from the instructor station to represent temperatures, pressures, and markings for King Air 90, 100, 200, 1900.
Radios one Garmin 530 for com/nav connected to the Avidyne , four Collins nav/com that drive digital steam gauge VOR/ ADF, DME and transponder.
Right side standard six-pack digital steam gauge Flight /Nav instruments that can be changed to three combinations from the instructor's counsel to represent EFIS, flight director, HIS. It will also be able to change the altimeter and airspeed to two different configurations.

SimCheck Advanced Simulation and Flight Training Center will utilize the flight simulator in the "Real World Flight Crew Training" initial and recurrent training for the Beechcraft 90,100, 200, 300, 350, and 1900 aircraft. It will also be used in the SimCheck 250 hour "Real World Flight Crew Training" professional pilot curriculum and the airline's first officer turbine transition course. The simulator will provide all SimCheck customers with Advanced Airline LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) operations, with emphasis on CRM (Cockpit Resource Management) and emergency scenarios experience.

Beech King Air Training Simulator
Instructor layout Copilot with ADI/HSI

Beech King Air Training Simulator
Instructor layout Copilot EADI/EHSI

Beech King Air Training Simulator
Instructor layout Copilot standard flight instruments VIP side

King Air Aircraft Cockpit

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