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SimCheck Advanced Simulation & Flight Training Center offers:

For candidates that wish to fly for a corporate flight department or scheduled airline, a “Custom” VIP program designed to accommodate two to three pilots at a time over a short five-month period. Candidates will attain a 250 hour commercial certificate with instrument and multi-engine privileges. 95% of all training for multi-instrument  and commercial ratings are flown in a Beechcraft turboprop King Air 90.

Prerequisite: Private license 50 hours

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Advanced Simulation & Flight Training Complex

VIP 250 hours commercial multi-instrument in a King Air turboprop.

SimCheck uses current, active or retired airline and corporate instructor pilots to provide ground, flight and simulator training.

Upon completion of the program, SimCheck flight crews are qualified for three aviation career paths: Corporate, Fractional, and Regional Airline.

SimCheck Simulation for Aviation Excellence and Standardization