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Training Curriculum

Click Here for Sample Lesson Plans (.pdf)

Turbine Ground Schools

Multi-Engine Aircraft & Aerodynamics
Airline General Turbine Systems CBT
Beech 1900 CBT
Beech King Air A/B-90 Turbo Prop
Airline Advanced CRM
120 Hours Ground School

King Air
Familiarization (FAM) Simulator

24 hrs King Air Sim FAM
4 hrs Stage Check
3.5 hrs Pre/Post Flight Briefing

Lessons 1-12
Stage Check
28 Hours SIM

Private AMEL & A/B-90

**Must Read Jeppesen Manual and Review Videos before continuing with Sp3
12 hrs Dual King Air A/B-90
3 hrs PTS Checkride Prep*
2 hrs Stage Check
2 hrs King Air A/B-90 Private AMEL Checkride**
3 hrs Pre/Post Flight Briefing
Lessons 1-7
Stage Check & FAA Checkride
Up to 16 Hours Aircraft

Turbine Instrument

**Must Read Jeppesen Manual and Review Videos before continuing with this Express
12 hrs Ground School Instrument Prep
20 hrs Turbine Simulator
9 hrs C172
9hrs Dual C172
(VFR approches for situational awareness)
2 hrs Stage Check
9.5 hrs Pre/Post Flight Briefing
**Training Conducted to PTS Proficiency**
Lessons 1-27
Stage Check
Up to 40 Hours Aircraft & SIM

Loft Basic - SIM
CRM Instrument Proficiency

40 hrs King Air 200 LOFT Based Instrument Training
4 hrs Stage Check
5.5 hrs Pre/Post Flight Briefing
LOFTS 1-10
Stage Check
44 Hours SIM

Commercial Phase 1/Instrument Phase 2 Loft Turbine

**Must Read Jeppesen Manual, Review Videos and pass the FAA Commercial Written Exam before continuing with this Express
2 hrs Dual King Air A/B-90
Aircraft — Day Cross Country
2 hrs Dual King Air A/B-90
1.5 Pre/Post Flight Briefing
Aircraft — Night Cross Country
4 hrs Solo/PIC King Air A/B-90 Aircraft — 300 N.M., Long Cross Country
Lessons 1-3
8 Hours Aircraft

KingAir Turbine Loft Intermediate - Aircraft IOE - 4 Hour Aircraft Night LOFT Flights

32 hrs King Air A/B-90 Aircraft
LOFT Based Training
4 hrs Pre/Post Flight Briefing
**All non commercially rated pilots will need to fly these express lessons at night.**
Lessons 1-8
32 Hours Aircraft

Time Building to Meet 91
250 Hour Commercial Requirements

65 hrs Time Building in a C-172
Time Build
67 Hours Aircraft

Airline Initial Transition
Ground School Training

Airline Basic Indoctrination
Beechcraft 1900 Airliner Systems Training to Airline Standards
Basic Indoctrination and Systems Ground Schools Meeting Airline Standards

Airline Transition Course SIM/1900 Training
Time Building to Meet 250TT Commercial Requirement

36 hrs Turbine Airliner Training
4 hrs Express Final Checkride
4.5 hrs Pre/Post Flight Briefing
SIM Training
Meeting Airline Standards

Instrument AMEL & Commercial FAA Check Rides

10 hrs King Air Sim Dual - Instrument Prep
4 hrs Dual King Air A/B-90 Inst/Comm
2 hrs Stage Check Inst/Comm
9 hrs PTS Checkride Prep
3 hrs King Air A/B-90 Instrument Airplane Checkride**
3.5 hrs Pre/Post Flight Briefing
Lessons 1-8
Stage Check & FAA Checkrides
19 Hours Aircraft & Sim


218 hours Ground School
142 hours of King Air Simulator (50 hours credit towrad 250 hours total flight time required)
65 hours of King Air Flight time
65 hours of 172 time build time
Assumed applicants have 50 hours of flight time
Completion with Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine Turbine rating and 250 hours flight time