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SimCheck Training offers an innovative approach to flight crew training. Whether you are an experienced pilot needing initial or recurrent insurance training or starting out and looking for a career as a professional pilot, SimCheck offers an innovative approach to the training world. SimCheck Training is not your typical flight training facility. The programs at SimCheck Training are based upon “Real World Flight Crew Training”

Insurance companies are very stringent when it comes to approving training facilities. SimCheck has years of experience and training knowledge and offers the same expertise that some of the larger and more well known training facilities offer. If you are looking for that personalized training experience and a training facility that not only meets the insurance training requirements but customizes the training to meet your needs as well -You need SimCheck Training. SimCheck’s experienced instructors take the time to evaluate your skill level to make you a safer and more knowledgeable pilot and crewmember. Training is not only based upon the requirements the insurance companies want for initial and recurrent training but the training is focused around the needs of the pilot.

Most corporate and airline aircraft today are turbo-prop and jet aircraft, so why not learn to fly in a turbo-prop from the beginning to the standards the corporate world and airlines require for a interview. SimCheck Training offers just that. With years of experience in training corporate and airline pilots, SimCheck uses the same techniques, training models, equipment and method the corporate and airlines use. Some flight schools offer Jet Transition Programs after you complete your commercial pilot license at an additional cost and most flight schools don’t offer it at all. Pilots without this training will find it hard to make this transition to flying a jet aircraft. SimCheck Training introduces FMS CRM and glass cockpit training for the Turbo-Jet and Jet training early in your pilot career training. If you are looking for a career as a corporate or airline pilot, why not train the way they do, taught by presently flying and retired airline pilots from the beginning.

If you are serious about your aviation career- you need to seriously consider SimCheck training.